a witch laid fallow

waiting, hoping, and working in the quiet

fallow field

seeking the ineffable

I had a grand plan to write here about my process of becoming a priestess. From 2007 to 2010, I was training in Blue Star Wicca with a grove on the East Coast, and I was excited about elevation and my future. Then, family needs intervened, and my husband and I moved back home to Michigan.

One Saturn Return and two babies later, after we were all settled into a lovely home on an acre of sandy soil in a rural neighborhood, I wrestled with loneliness, distance from the rest of my tradition, and the feeling that I'd been thrown into the wilderness just to see if I'd come back.

In 2015, I started coming back. The process is slow and full of hesitation. The tenderest green shoots have not yet poked their first leaves above the soil, but oh, is there transformation at work in the seed.

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the latest on the blog

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I retell my story of joy, sorrow, and waiting and note that it feels like something new is coming.

In which I get back something lost

A few cards from my Rider-Waite deck turn up again, inspiring a feeling of wholeness that goes beyond restoring the deck to use.

Nota bene

In 2014, I had been writing at each sabbat, talking about the experience of fallowness. Then I started to take up my work again.